Just What Is PULP About Exactly?

PULP is a multimedia sex, sexuality, and reproductive rights publication celebrating this human coil hurtling through time and space.

If you have a body, love a body, or are apt to wonder, just what is this body?, you’ll find a story here to get turned up, on, over, or out.

PULP may be what’s left after a beating; given that so many bodies are a place of violence, so too is PULP a place of acknowledged pain. What is left over is often what’s essential.

PULP is distributable. It’s the kind of writing you pass around, dog-ear, scribble on and highlight; you read it again and again. In short? PULP is messy, sticky, homemade, inflamed and widely-read.

 It is for and of the body. And we honor all its permutations. 

Meet the PULP Team

July Westhale

Co-founder + Managing Editor

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