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‘Between The Bills’ Episode One: Recognizing The Feminist South

“Liberal people throughout the country tend to write off the South because of racist stereotypes"--and that's a problem.

October 2, 2019

Emily Rose Thorne
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Sebastian Bisbal

elcome to Between the Bills—hosted by Georgia native Emily Rose Thorne.

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BTB is a podcast that gets to the heart of what is happening in reproductive rights in and around Georgia, focusing on those doing the powerful work of keeping rights intact.

Activism doesn’t just belong to the big cities anymore. Join Emily Rose as she meets with the leaders of The Feminist South fighting to preserve sexual and reproductive rights.

Our inaugural episode jumps right into the thick of things with an interview with Megan Gordon-Kane, a lobbyist from Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, who deftly dissects Georgia’s surprising role as a national inspiration in the reproductive justice movement and the messy politics that got us here.

“Liberal people throughout the country tend to write off the South because of stereotypes about the South being backwards and terrible and the reluctance of other states to accept that they’re racist too, even if they don’t have histories of segregation.

It annoys me because they’re not paying close enough attention to realize that Georgia’s doing a lot of great work. Areas that have had a lot of oppression also by nature have a lot of resistance, and Georgia has a really strong history of social justice work in the state.” — Megan Gordon-Kane

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