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Feel The Love (Not The Existensial Dread!) With This Handy Dandy CBD, Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

From plant medicine to lush creams + anxiety-banishing vitamins, we've rounded up some real CBD <3

February 12, 2021

Finley Muratova
Courtesy of Empress Teas

Editor's Note

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links. While PULP does want to be upfront about the affiliations helping us keep the lights on for our own small business, we do believe in the high quality  of and enjoy the products we affiliate ourselves with.

While a crushing pandemic and celebrating Valentine’s Day don’t really go hand in hand, we can still make the best of this nerve-racking time and give one another the gift of love. (And alleviate some of that pesky pressure and anxiety that living through an enduring global crisis has caused.)

Whether you’re on the prowl for your own peace of mind, a tincture for your rattled sweetie, or a "we"re all in this together" bottle of blues-banishing CBD, we've rounded up some of the best products for the brain, body, and loins.

Budzy Box

Looking for a consistent supply of all kinds of quality CBD products? Budzy Box offers a monthly subscription to  boxes boasting an assortment of CBD-based goodies, from CBD-infused hot chocolate mixes to CBD skin patches to offer you a prolonged calming effect. Budzy Box’ is also a fully women-run business with the core belief that “every woman should indulge in some self-care every day.”

In addition to their monthly offerings, you can also snag boxes from their themed collections, such as the new “Sweet dreams sleeping kit” or the good 'ol “Budzy mystery box” with 3 to 4 products in each. Already dig Budzy Box and want to sport your loyalty? They've even got soft as hell hoodies. 

Well, what’re you waiting for? I’m already on my way to check out the sleeping kit — here's hoping to escape some of those pandemic-induced nightmares!

Tru Infusion

Tru Infusion might be exactly the right choice if you live in the hustling grind of a big city and crave the calm of rolling grassy hills in the middle of nowhere. All hemp for Tru Infusion CBD hails from Colorado farms, containing the freshness of its mountains and valleys. Tru Infusion offers a range of products you can purchase separately or as a bundle: from CBD vapes and CBD-infused melatonin shots for bettering sleep quality, to beauty, CBD for pets, and tincture bundle deals.

Tru Infusions even offers specialized vitamins for assigned female- or male-at-birth folks, which feels particularly important amid a pandemic with our health needing to be prioritized!

Leveraging recent research, Tru Infusion also aids veterans by providing them with free CBD goods; there’s evidence of CBD and THC easing the anxiety and pain of those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and various pain conditions. If you purchase a specially-marked Tru Infusion oil, they'll donate one to a veteran living in your community. 

If you’re a beginner, like myself, check out their “Dosing CBD” and “A First Time CBD Buyers Guide” to make sure you’re getting the products best suited for your CBD needs.

Empress Teas

“Sit, Sip, and Self-Reflect." Who doesn't like that? With Empress Teas products, you can while away the hours, journaling and lost in thought. (Without the constant anxiety spiral dragging you into the hellscape of Worry.)

Empress Teas offer, well, teas — they’re hemp-infused and designed to make your mornings calmer and your nights free from distressing dreams. On their website, you can purchase their evening and morning “Ritual Blends” either in a bundle or as standalone products. 

Once your teas come to your doorstep, you can download Empress’ guide to “sitting, sipping and self-reflecting.” This guide incorporates different meditation practices for you to try, ways to practice self-love and mindfulness on a daily, as well as a self-flagellating-free practice of setting goals. 

Willow CBD

Willow CBD offers CBD produced from premium, independently-grown Colorado hemp. Willow CBD sells oils, creams, and gummies — all things we already use or snack on in our day-to-day lives; except for, now, you can use them all and usher anxiety-free times into your life as a bonus!

Willow is a good choice for those just beginning their CBD journey — their site features  a “CBD 101” article bundle outlining the world of hemp health benefits where you can learn about safely starting CBD, figuring out the right dosage for you, exploring doctors’ opinions on hemp, and oh so much more.

Funky Farms

Funky Farms took it upon themselves to be the go-to for those seeking to vape CBD, focusing their products around vape and vape-adjacent products, from cartridges to juice refills. (They've got some tasty CBD gummies as well.)

If you’re new to either using CBD, vaping or both, you can take a short handy quiz to help determine the goodies best suited to you and your temperament. As a first time CBD vape user, the CBD starter kit was suggested — they give you a little bit of everything to see which method you dig best.

While vaping had been associated with a host of concerns among long-time users and medical professionals, Funky Farms have tried their best to alleviate these concerns by offering a regularly updated peek into their products' laboratory testing.

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