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New Year Occult Gift Guide To Bolster Magic (And Your Spirits)

Our favorite places to peruse everything metaphysical. (Because it's already been a long year.)

January 11, 2021

Finley Muratova
Photo courtesy of Mariana Weisler // Persephone's Sister

ave you ever had a hard time finding gifts for your Wicca friends’ birthdays? Strangely specific quandary, I know.

Last year I found myself confusedly hunting through potions and powders at Enchantments, an East Village occult shop before my friend’s tarot reading birthday party with no understanding of what I was searching for and too much accompanying embarrassment to ask for help.

While I do suggest you visit (masked!) New York’s very own Enchantments for the ambiance, incenses, custom candles and all your metaphysical needs, I found online shopping at independent occult stores (Enchantments included) to be a calmer, COVID-proof, and dare-I-say more magical experience.

Here’s PULP’s round-up of our favorite places to peruse potent alchemies, curative tinctures, and everything in between.

The Moon Den

// (mage courtesy of Alyssa Citarella

Founded by Alyssa Citarella, an astrologer, musician and yoga instructor, The Moon Den sells candles inspired by seasons, the cosmos, and the magic of our daily lives’ fleeting moments.

The Moon Den produces their candles in small batches thematically, often tied to the season during which they’re being sold, infusing them with unique oil and embellishing them with ethically-sourced flowers and herbs. Winter’s collection features rich forestry smells like balsam fir, cyprus and cedar. The candles are all crafted from American Soy Wax, which unlike its paraffin counterparts isn’t shown to be potentially carcinogenic, and boast lead-free wicks in reusable glass jars. And every Moon Den candle is cruelty-free and safe for your house pets’ lungs.

Exercising her experience as a yoga instructor, Citarella adds a written meditation to every order, fostering her clients’  indulgence in magic, tranquility, and peace of mind. The Moon Den also offers several astrological and spiritual services, including Natal Chart readings, New Moon and Warrior Energy rituals.

Order Moon Den candles or book their services at or follow them for updates on their Instagram @the.moon.den. You can find The Moon Den’s creator, Alyssa, on her personal Instagram @luna.lyss.

Eighth House Astrology

// courtesy of Christina Farella

Christina Farella founded Eighth House Astrology to serve as a space for astrologers — experts and beginners alike — to practice their craft, develop their skills, and share their journey with a like-minded community.

Eighth House Astrology is an independent shop, home for its eponymous podcast and writings, including guided meditations by the founder and other astrologers. Farella herself worked as a contributor to the Celestial Bodies Astrology and Numerology Oracle Deck, which can be preorder now and will release its magic and insight this very Friday on January 15th! Through Eighth House Astrology you can order an astrological consultation with Christina, as well as gift one to a friend.

While browsing the Eighth House website, I was captured with Astrology of Artists, one of the many Farella’s creations; in this project you’ll find readings for many celebrity painters and writers, from Oscar Wilder to Frida Khalo. I suggest you explore it to gain deeper knowledge of your favorite creators’ lives.

If you join Farella’s Patreon, you’ll glean access to more insights from her astrological practices, including chart readings, special classes and creative approaches to magic in the many forms Farella practices.

You can find Eighth House Astrology at and you can preorder the Celestial Bodies deck through Serpent Fire.

Persephone’s Sister

// courtesy of Mariana Weisler

A self-defined mystic of the human heart, Mariana Weisleris the founder behind Persephone’s Sister, an independent virtual business dedicated to personalized tarot readings and meditations. Through Persephone’s Sister, Mariana runs a book club “for seekers, smart witches and humans with souls,” building a community of spiritual and curious individuals through knowledge sharing.

Through her tarot readings, Weisler aims to offer her clients an opportunity for healing, clarity if they’re confused, and whatever realignment or signs they might be seeking. She offers a range of readings, from “Tarot For The Self and Soul” to “Tarot For The Divine Feminine.” You can even gift a reading to your loved one. (Personally, I couldn’t resist booking a reading for “healing and hope” and I’m really looking forward to it.

In her blog, Weisler offers curative insights  as well as guidance for those interested in exploring magic and spirituality through a lens similar to the one she’s developed which centers around “shadow work,” “self-care,” and “reclaiming power.”

Find Persephone’s Sister at or @persephonessister on Instagram. Follow Mariana’s journey and learn more about her personal practices on her YouTube channel.

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