Vanessa Carlisle


About Author

I am an educator, author, and coach. I design workshops and trainings that catalyze radical change for individuals and groups.

My clients are: organizations that want top-notch training in gender inclusivity, consent culture, and LGBTQ issues; couples and individuals who want to enhance their sexual expression and sensation; colleges and universities with Gender, Queer, or Women's studies departments; community groups who want some adult sex education; writing groups that need more embodiment in their narratives, and more.

I earned my PhD in Creative Writing, Literature, and Gender Studies from the University of Southern California. I also have a Bachelor's in psychology and a Master of Fine Arts in writing. I have worked in the sex industries for 20 years. I write and teach on a variety of sexuality-related topics, from sex workers' rights to polyamory, creating healthy boundaries, kinky skills, and more.

My Articles

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