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Trauma is... well, traumatic.  One of the problems with trauma is that it can absolutely ruin how our brain and our body work together and it can throw our bodies totally out of whack.  

This class is going to teach you a bit about what trauma is, what trauma's effects on the body are, why those effects rob us of pleasure and joy, and then how to start taking control back!  Trauma impacts between 50-60% of the population in the United States, so you're not alone in being a survivor of whatever brought you here.  

This class is about how to plant seeds and grow back your connections to self-pleasure and sex when you've been affected by trauma.  Trauma sucks, pleasure rules.  You'll learn some techniques to take it slow, find pleasure in unexpected places, set limits and consent with yourself and with your partner(s), and shut down some of the negative body responses trauma can create in us.  

We'll do some activities around what sex is to us, our yeses and nos, and breathing.  (Yes, breathing.  I know it's cliched, but it's wicked effective when you know the "right" way to do it!  Science says so!)  If you're here because a partner has trauma, you'll definitely get good takeaways for your partner and yourself.  Let the good times roll!

This class is pre-recorded and will be available April 14th, 2021.


Get Your Groove Back: Finding Pleasure After Trauma

Stephanie Vazzano


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