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Writing and pitching stories from the POV of a marginalized identity like a sex workerand/or sex trafficking survivor can be extraordinarily frustrating. If editors do give you a chance at being published, there is often the battle of expectations dictated by someone who has never spent a day in the sex industry. How can writers in the sex industry dodge being pigeon-holed by editors? Howcan writers in the sex industry break out into writing about non sex industry-related topics? This class will cover the basics of freelancing successfullyand also address how sex workers and trafficking survivors can parlay theirstories into headlines that go viral, then push into writing on other topic areas like politics, current events, beauty and fashion and more!  Youwill leave this class with concrete tools on how to write a stellar pitch, thebasics of how and to whom to send a story idea, and other tips and tricks for asuccessful freelancing career. 

Class is at 5 PM PST // 8 PM EST

Creative Juices

How to Build a Successful Freelance Writing Career for Sex Industry Professionals

Laura LeMoon

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