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A Little Queer Cheer For Your Holidays

Introducing Pulp’s first All Queer Gift Guide!

December 14, 2020

July Westhale
tis the season!


Meet the Makers is PULPs December gift guide, offering small-business solutions to your gift-buying needs—and the opportunity to support companies with underrepresented founders.

Disclosure: this article, and other Meet the Makers’ articles, may contain affiliate links. So even though I genuinely love these products, I want to be upfront that affiliations help us keep the lights on for our own small business with underrepresented founders.

his week’s Makers round-up is very near and dear to my heart: introducing, Pulp’s first All Queer Gift Guide! While we support queer folks all year round, it brings a little extra rosiness to my cheeks to do so during the holiday season.

Below are some gifts that support LGBTQ founders, give back to communities, and get you some high-quality goods that are sure to bring everyone joy (including yourself).

Hecha NYC

If you’ve been with Pulp since the beginning, you’ll remember that this company was the first one we spotlighted in our—and their—early days. The clothing made by this incredible company is wearable art, and they believe in promoting empathy-centric business models for POC, queer-centric apparel. 

Hecha NYC has partnered up with Official Rebrand to create a series of gender-fluid pieces including leggings, a turtleneck, a smock, a jacket, and soft, pleated face masks that are comfortable, look sharp, and seamlessly blend the aesthetics of both companies. In addition, 5% of the proceeds from the sales of these masks go to Teen Hype, in support of youth education. 

HECHA / 做 recontextualizes artwork by transforming paintings and symbolic language into utilitarian objects: allowing the body to live within a work of art rather than around it.

Official Rebrand revives discarded clothing, breathing new life into what was once unwanted. Through painting and other alterations, artist MI Leggett's “rebranding” process proposes an anti-waste alternative to today's industrial and social norms.

The full collection is available on OR?!’s web shop.

Out & About CBD

Let’s face it—most of us are not going to be spending the holidays with our families this year. That could be more or less of a bummer depending on your family of origin, but regardless, there’s a silver lining to be had. If you’re not arguing over your uncle’s shitty politics because you’re staying at home, then at least you can use this hunker-down time as an excellent excuse to get down*.

We love Out & About CBD because their cannabis products are designed to promote mental wellness for queer folks and encourage CBD-enhanced sexy times. With lube, massage oil, and various supplements, which, for the discerning consumer, can offer a robust, immersive experience that will put pandemic holidays right out of your mind. 

Out & About is a wellness company rooted in optimism, committed to enhancing the overall well-being of our LGBT community, and those seeking a natural approach to mind-body health. Our promise is to provide the highest quality products and share the most current information regarding hemp CBD, its benefits, uses, and precautions, to ensure you’re always on a path to optimal living. It’s our mission to get people out and about, connecting with others, and loving every day! Out & About also donates 5% of proceeds to the Trevor Project.

*honestly, a much better idea all around. 

Surreal Skincare

As a dedicated skincare gay, I was elated when I discovered Morgan’s products: cruelty-free, beautifully- made cleanser and serums always sound really amazing, but they don’t always translate to the flawless look I’m going for. However. These lineups walk the walk. There are acne blasters, wrinkle destroyers, primers, exfoliators, moisturizers, and oh so much more. 

So if you’re like me (ie, in your mid-thirties and still battling breakouts plus trying to educate yourself about caring for aging skin) then finding the right products is a challenge. Not only do these beauties really work, they’re also made by queer folks who know their stuff inside and out. 

Surreal Skincare’s mission: We believe in a minimal number of products, outstanding ingredients, simple routines & strong results.  Everything that goes into our products is 100% natural, including our preservatives.  We test our products on ourselves and our friends, not on animals.  We  also list our ingredients in words you can pronounce, not in Latin 🙄 

People with all skin types and colors use and love our products!  Natural ingredients tend to work wonders on most people, even those with sensitive skin.

We wrap each skincare bottle in a small, canvas print of surreal art.  Most of the art is created by our founder Morgan or if you're lucky, you'll get one of our guest artist's prints 😀 

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