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Camgirls Are Changing The World One Clip At A Time

An audio interview with Bella French — activist, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of porn site ManyVids.

November 24, 2020

July Westhale
// Bella French

ella French is quickly becoming the influential face in the sex tech movement. And for good reason. First launched in 2014, ManyVids was created as a marketplace designed to help positively overhaul the landscape of adult entertainment by empowering sex workers to become successful, independent entrepreneurs. 

Boasting 3.2 million active members and 90,000 creators — most recently Mikaela Spielberg, daughter to iconic film director Steven Spielberg — ManyVids enables its creators to produce, promote, and distribute their content via video-hosting and live streaming services.

French explains that the underpinnings of cam girl and influencer have historically been distinguished from one another: Camgirls existed behind a paywall in a digital yet private place of intimacy, while influencers captured their audience publically, often in casual, utilitarian ways.

But with the rise of censorship following FOSTA-SESTA (a law intended to nip sex trafficking in the bud, but whose wide reach has inadvertently ended up being harmful and sometimes deadly to consenting, adult sex workers), social media has become a vital platform for adult performers.

“We need this,” says French, “because it is so easy to make sex workers seem like they are doing something wrong, to dismiss them.” The new rise of cam-person/influencer is changing the narrative in a massive way, enabling fans to see their performers as the authentic, multifaceted humans they are.

In this interview with Bella , I am given the opportunity to deep dive into the backstory of ManyVids — marked as the number one clip site in the world! — and how her company intersects at the crossroads of politics, education, advocacy, and the sex industry.

Did you love this interview, and Bella’s eloquent, genius answers? We did too. We’re excited to announce that she will be doing a special show for her ManyVids followers.

CEO Bella French will return to her roots in front of the camera for a special live sexy-sensual cam show on November 26 to honour and raise tips for the platform’s MV Stars.

Following her performance, the former camgirl turned activist and serial entrepreneur will give away an additional $5,000 in tokens (about 50,000 tokens), to MV Stars who are camming on MV Live on December 3. 

“I am excited to celebrate and give back to our phenomenal online community of beautiful and hardworking MV Stars who’ve chosen to build their careers on ManyVids,” says Bella French, Co-Founder and CEO of ManyVids.

“As an adult performer, I know how empowering it feels when you receive a big tip, and it is my goal to bring the MV community together by motivating and thanking our stars who make up the fabric of our community." 

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, ManyVids continues to see exponential growth across multiple fronts, giving its creators a dependable income during these unprecedented times. Since the onset of social distancing in March 2020, MV Star signup has increased by 69%, video-content uploads have increased by 51%, member sign-up has increased by 80%, and the number of MV Stars performing live is up by 42%. 

Fans and members can subscribe to Bella’s profile (Bella French) to stream her live cam performance on Thursday, November 26, 2020 from 8pm - 9pm EST, exclusively on 

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