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The Pulpit Presents: Fight Songs

Songs for the streets & in the sheets.

July Westhale

ou may (or may not) have noticed that we took a break last week from putting together a playlist for you.

This was intentional. As we took a backseat to Black-owned media and organizations on social media, we at PULP HQ also thought a good deal about how we can be better — better allies, better at pushing POC writing and content to the front, better at listening, better at taking direction, redistributing resources given to us by white privilege. Just.. better.

Together we came up with a solidarity/accountability statement that we implemented immediately, and plan to take into the future as we move off of Medium and into our own, indie publication.

In the meantime, here are some fight songs by all Black artists, to keep you in the streets and keep you in the sheets.

So much love for you.

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