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The Pulpit Presents: Suns Out Buns Out

Hot Person Summer, right in your living room.

July Westhale
Hot Snacks

hile it’s hard to encourage buns to come out in the time of shelter in place, you can always have hot-person summer right in your living room (or cool cat winter, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere).

This week’s stories are all about the focus of how sex manifests in the world politically, and in our brains ideologically.

Laura LeMoon brings searing truth to the conversation about who gets to tell the stories of survivors — & the stickiness of navigating communities of people who have been sex trafficked vs people who do consentual sex work in “Not A Real Survivor”.

“This highlights a big problem in the anti sex trafficking movement, which is the fact that we (survivors) are maligned from our own movement and we are separated between worthy and unworthy, or good and bad survivors based on how well we tow the company line. My voice is unworthy and I’m a bad person because I don’t advance the agenda of power-hungry non-survivors (most of whom are cis white wealthy men) who aspire to build their identities on the back of my suffering and the suffering of my survivor siblings.”

Veena Dinavahi brings us our weekly PULP It Like It’s Hot with “No Sex Toys In The House of the Lord”:

You’re not supposed to masturbate when you’re a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I assume this is roughly the experience of seeing-eye dogs when they are being trained to avoid chocolate. Smell this delicious thing in order to make sure you avoid ever experiencing it. Venerate rather than enjoy your body. (Am I the only one who thinks venerate sounds like the precursor to an STD?)

As usual, we’ve got jams for your reading pleasure — & for your buns, may they be out or not.

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