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The Pulpit Presents: Don’t Tell Us To Smile

Jams for whatever your face wants to do with itself.

July Westhale
About Face

ello hello, angels of our hearts. As you know, we’re winding down our time on Medium, but that doesn’t mean our content has gotten any less brilliant. This week has some reads that are sure to get your gears spinning.

We kicked the week off with Rebecca Long’s whip-smart piece on the depiction of painful sex in television.

Despite the lack of diversity in these series’ portrayals of painful sex, the majority of women who reached out to me agree that any serious representation of vaginismus is good representation.

Next up — a detailed piece about the genderization of smiling, by Sevindj Nurkiyazova.

(Jane) Goodall went on to describe the meaning behind the scene and explained that although the smile is considered to be our “happy face,” most certainly, it originated from a defensive reflex that showed others that you don’t dare to challenge them. I remember thinking: Should I smile less?

Not that I was utterly clueless about the hazards of smiling.

Lastly, we wrap our week up with a Quick & Dirty piece about milking your sister in a Target bathroom:

It’s winter 2015. Beth and I run out to Target while her husband stays home with their two-month-old baby, Rose. We’re browsing the baby aisle when Beth begins grabbing her breasts and cringing, complaining that she’s in pain from too much milk. My sister has never been one to hide her bodily functions from the world.

As usual, we’ve got jams to keep these lovely reads company on their journey through your mind. Who loves you?

A: us.

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